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UK Forecast: Cold and breezy - Wet on Wednesday, Nov 18 - 16:04

Monday A large area of high pressure centred over Scandinavia extends a ridge across the British Isles on Monday bringing cold east to southeasterly winds which will be moderate to fresh in eastern and southern areas. It will be cloudy a cloudy day across Ireland, southern Scotland, Wales and much of England with increasing sunny spells further west. The best of the brightness will be in the Western Isles. There will be some outbreaks of rain and drizzle developing in the afternoon for Fife and the southeast of England. Temperatures at 5 to 9C.

Monday Night Monday night will see cloud continuing to push over Scotland and England from the North Sea coast bringing prolonged periods of light rain and drizzle extending westward as far as Wales by morning. Winds will remain moderate to fresh. Overnight lows of 0 to 3C over higher ground, more typically 5 to 8C at lower levels but feeling cold in the moderate to fresh winds.

Tuesday High pressure over the Norwegian Sea and low pressure over southwestern Europe keep the British Isles sandwiched in an easterly airflow on Tuesday. It will be a cloudy day for most with only the western fringes of Ireland and Scotland seeing any real brightness. Rain and drizzle will continue to affect eastern areas though a plume will stream across the Midlands bringing some wet weather as far as Wales. Cold again with highs at 4 to 8C.

Wednesday A large, but weak, low pressure area over the Bay of Biscay will begin to exert a bit of an influence over the southwestern part of the country on Wednesday. High pressure remains off to the north keeping the northern part of the country in that cold easterly airflow however southwestern areas will have a bit of respite from the cold as the wind is blowing from the south. It will be a cloudy, wet day for most with the best chance of any sunny spells developing in the southeast. High temperatures could reach 9 or 10C in the southwest, 4 to 7C more likely everywhere else.

Morning Call: Bright and dry - Breezy in the south, Nov 18 - 04:44

A bright and dry day for most, breezy in the south Good morning, A cloudy start for the central highlands of Scotland but dry and bright everywhere else. The cloud should clear quickly to leave a sunny day for most though some cloud may start to develop over eastern coastal areas as the day goes on. Ireland, northwestern Scotland and England will see the best of the sunshine.

Moderate easterly to southeasterly winds will affect the southern halves of England and Wales, Northern Ireland and northeast Scotland. High temperatures will widely reach 8 to 11C today though parts of southern Wales and the southwest may reach 13C.

There will be little change throughout the day with conditions remaining bright and dry.

Have a great day!


Week ahead: Temperatures falling - Increasing chance of rain, Nov 18 - 10:19

Will feel notably colder through the next few days, increasing risk of rain from Tuesday onward It will feel notably cooler through the coming days as temperatures fall and easterly winds pick up. The threat of rain and drizzle will increase from the east from Tuesday with Thursday looking to be a particularly damp day for most. Winds will ease toward the end of the forecast period and conditions will brighten again before the end of the weekend.

For the weather for the next few days click here Wednesday 21/11/18 On Wednesday we have a large, but weak, area of low pressure over the western Bay of Biscay while a weak ridge of high pressure extends from Norway across the North Sea. This maintains a northeast to easterly flow for much of the British Isles so it will be another cold day. There will be extensive cloud, with outbreaks of rain, particularly in the east. Far western areas tending to be brighter with sunny spells developing here. Highs of 6 to 9C, though feeling colder in the fresh to strong winds.

Thursday 22/11/18 An area of low pressure remains over the Bay of Biscay on Thursday while a ridge of high pressure extends east-west to the north of Scotland. This mains the easterly flow for much of the country. It will remain cloudy but it will be drier than Wednesday with rain staying rather confined to eastern Scotland, northeastern and southwestern England and Northern Ireland. The best of the brighter weather will be in the far west of the British Isles. High temperatures will reach 6 to 8C across the country though parts of the south could see 10 or 11C.

Friday 23/11/18 The weak low remains over the Bay of Biscay while the high pressure to the north shifts its centre over Iceland. This introduces a southerly airflow for southern parts of Ireland and England which will make temperatures feel milder. A cold easterly flow will persist for the northern half of the country. It will be a cloudy day with outbreaks of rain for Wales, western England and eastern Scotland. Best of the brightness in the northwest of Scotland and northwest of England. Highs of 6 to 11C.

Saturday 24/11/18 A very similar day to Friday with not much change to the synoptic set-up or weather conditions expected. Another cloudy day with outbreaks of rain for Wales, southern and western England, eastern Scotland and northeast England. Highs of 7 to 11C.

Sunday 25/11/18 High pressure strengthens to the north of the country as it centres over Greenland reestablishing the easterly airflow for the British Isles. It will be another cloudy day for most though rain will become confined to eastern coasts. Sunny spells will develop by the afternoon for much of England. Highs of 4 to 10C. Monday 26/11/18 The easterly flow is maintained for the British Isles as low pressure moves inland from the Bay of Biscay into Europe and a high pressure ridge extends from Greenland to Norway. It will be a cloudy day around western coasts and in the southeast with rain for eastern coasts and Northern Ireland. Highs of 4 to 9C.

Seasonal outlook: Stormy November? - Higher pressure December, Oct 02 - 13:09

*November* Consistently shows as an unsettled month. May be stormy with strong west winds. Wetter than average, especially in the west. Expect nearer average temperatures in south. May become colder and drier later in the month. *December* Drier than average month overall. Higher pressure builds. Frosty nights and increasingly cool south and east. Little change is expected through the month. Simon Keeling

Europe forecast: Unsettled, risk of heavy rain in the Med - Dry and bright for central areas, Nov 18 - 04:43

An unsettled couple of days for much of the Mediterranean as low pressure dominates, more settled for central and northern areas where high pressure is in charge Sunday Unsettled weather across the Mediterranean on Sunday as low pressure areas to the west of Iberia and over the Ionian Sea bring rain and heavy showers. Central Portugal will see the heaviest rain in Iberia though most of Portugal and Spain will experience a largely wet day. Showers too for the Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia. Wet too for Greece, the Balkans, Bulgaria and Romania with the treat of snow on higher ground. Rain too for western Turkey though the east should remain dry and bright. Breezy and chiller in northern France with cloud and some rain in the far south. The Low Countries, Germany and Poland will be dry with good spells of sunshine. Staying fair in Austria and Hungary as well as Switzerland with more sunshine here. A breezy and bright start to the day in Denmark and Sweden though cloud will build from the east through the afternoon. Finland and the Baltics will be chilly and breezy with some cloud and showers in the south. Broken cloud and some sunshine in Norway.

Monday Remaining unsettled through the Mediterranean through Monday as low pressure develops over the Balearic Sea. Rain and heavy showers for eastern Spain, the Balearics, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Italy and the Balkans. Greece and Turkey should remain largely dry though cloud will build throughout the day as low pressure moves eastward. A dry and bright day for most of France though cloud will build from the northeast through the day. Cloudy for Benelux, Germany and Poland with some light rain and snow showers possible in the north. Cloudy too for Denmark with rain in the south. The Baltics will also be cloudy for much of Monday. Dry and bright for Finland, northern Sweden and Norway. Southern Sweden will remain cloudy with a chance of some light wintry showers.

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