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UK Forecast: Dry and sunny - Windy north; some rain NW, Oct 21 - 16:00

Monday High pressure lies to the west, building across Britain and Ireland, resulting in a fair day overall. Lots of sunshine. Some hazy skies across northern regions as high cloud moves in from the west. Low cloud may plague western Scotland much of the day, with rain frequent in the north-west Highlands. A brisk westerly wind for Scotland, gales for the Northern Isles. A northeasterly breeze around the English Channel, but light winds for central counties. Feeling fresh, highs 10 to 14C.

Monday night Most places will stay dry. Skies fairly clear, but some high level cloud is likely. Banks of low cloud around the coasts and hills in the north-west, most extensive in western Scotland, where rain or drizzle will persist. Blustery for northern areas, very gusty locally. Lighter winds toward the south. Sheltered spots in Wales and the south-west may see local fog patches, plus the lowest temperatures, 3 to 5C. Typically 6 to 9C, or locally above 10C northern Britain.

Tuesday High pressure will be centred strongly to the west of the British Isles. Dry for most places, with the best sunshine toward the south and east. Western areas will see more in the way of low cloud. Rain or drizzle in western Scotland. Breezy for northern Britain, very gusty to the east of the Pennines and Highlands. Lighter winds for the south-west of England & Wales. Fairly mild, especially where sun comes through in the east & south, 15 to 17C. Nearer 11 to 14C west & north-west.

Wednesday A prevailing west to northwesterly pattern continues, around high pressure centred to the west of Ireland. Fog in central and south-western England & Wales, also much of Ireland in the morning, but likely to lift. Some low cloud will be stubborn around western coasts. Sunshine best in the east and south-east. Breezy across Scotland, otherwise winds will be light. Temperatures warmest in the east and south-east, up to 16 to 18C locally. Nearer 11 to 13C north-west.

Morning Call: Lots of sunshine - Feeling fresh, Oct 22 - 05:44

Rain north-west Scotland Good morning, A strong area of high pressure will be centred west of Ireland, where it will reside for much of the week ahead. A cool day, but fair weather overall with plenty of sunshine and mostly light winds in central and southern areas. A weak cold front will have cleared southwards, so it will feel cooler than the weekend. Breezy near the south coast.

A warm front moves back into northern Scotland, where it will be cloudy, and rain will be frequent or persistent for the North-West Highlands. Windy across Scotland, with gales for Shetland and Orkney. Today's top temperatures will be 12 to 14C England & Wales, warmest in the south. Around 10 to 12C Scotland and Ireland, locally warmer to the east of high ground. Have a great day. Garry

Week ahead: Northern rain at first - Turning colder, Oct 22 - 09:57

Showers becoming wintry on northern hills. Overnight frosts Some rain or drizzle in the north and northwest at first, moving south later on Thursday through into Friday, with much colder air following. Northern hills are likely to see a wintry flavour to showers with overnight frost starting to develop more widely.

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Thursday 25/10/18 A waving cold front over Northern Scotland will start to move south across England and Wales later. Perhaps some brighter intervals in the east but cloudier generally. Dry in the south and southeast but with occasional rain or showers in the north and northwest. Breezy in the north, with strong north or northwest winds later. Highs 11 to 15C. Localized frost in the north overnight.

Friday 26/10/18 A cold front over Southern Britain at first will clear away with a combination of high pressure to the west of Ireland and low pressure over Scandinavia establishing a cold northerly airstream. Cloudy in the south at first with some rain, otherwise a mixture of sunshine and showers. The best of the sunshine in central and, later, southern areas, the showers, turning wintry especially over northern hills, most frequent in areas exposed to the north or northwest wind, this strong around the coast. Highs 7 to 10C in the north, 10 to 12C in the south; overnight frost.

Saturday 27/10/18 A cold north to northeast airstream is maintained. Sunshine and showers. The best of the sunshine in the south and west, the showers, again wintry especially over northern hills, most frequent in areas exposed to the stiff northerly wind. Highs 7 to 10C; overnight frost. Sunday 28/10/18 A ridge of high pressure to the west of Ireland declines, allowing low pressure and associated frontal troughs to make eastwards progress in the East Atlantic. Showers, still possibly wintry on some northern hills, will continue to feed into areas exposed to the north or northeast breeze, although this will start to ease later, the south and west having the best of the sunshine. Cold or rather cold by day; widespread overnight frost. Highs 8 to 12C; widespread overnight frost. Monday 29/10/18 Low pressure and associated frontal troughs to the west of Ireland moving slowly southeast, whilst low pressure will move north towards Denmark. Bright or sunny intervals but with occasional light rain or showers in the east and north. Still cold or rather cold with an overnight frost away from eastern coasts. Highs 8 to 12C; overnight frost away from eastern coasts. Tuesday 30/10/18 A slow-moving and complex low to the southwest of Ireland, with associated frontal troughs affecting western areas. Rain, some heavy drifting north across Southwest England, Wales and Ireland, possibly extending further east in the south later; mostly dry and bright in Eastern England. Occasional rain or showers over Scotland, especially in the east. Highs 7 to 11C.

Month ahead: Valid from 27/10 to 23/11 2018 - Valid from 27/10 to 23/11 2018, Oct 21 - 16:10

Cold and showery, wetter mid month A cold month is expected as the winds become more northerly. Showers at first may give way to more widespread unsettled conditions through the middle stages of the month. Things may improve later although it stays cold. *27/10/18 - 3/11/18* A chilly and mixed week. Showers at first, some heavy. Turning drier as the week progresses. *4/11/18 - 10/11/18* Unsettled and chilly. Jet stream close by. Periods of rain. Risk of sleet on hills. *11/11/18 - 17/11/18* Remaining unsettled and cold. Rain and strong winds. Snow on hills, risk sleet low levels. *18/11/18 - 24/11/18* Cold and unsettled start. Gradual improvement, high building north and west. Increasing risk of frost as week progresses, especially north. *25/11/18 - 1/12/18* Flow may be more easterly. Chilly and frost, fog. Chance rain and sleet in south. **ends** Simon Keeling Email me at

Seasonal outlook: Stormy November? - Higher pressure December, Oct 02 - 13:09

*November* Consistently shows as an unsettled month. May be stormy with strong west winds. Wetter than average, especially in the west. Expect nearer average temperatures in south. May become colder and drier later in the month. *December* Drier than average month overall. Higher pressure builds. Frosty nights and increasingly cool south and east. Little change is expected through the month. Simon Keeling

Europe forecast: Dry central Europe - Thundery southern Italy & Greece, Oct 22 - 05:43

Monday Dry for much of Spain and Portugal, with rare showers. Up to 27C in south-west Iberia. A brisk easterly breeze around Biscay. Low pressure over southern Italy brings prolonged heavy downpours and a risk of flash flooding. Rain also spreads to western Greece and Albania. A weak cold front moves across northern-central Europe, with partly cloudy skies and a risk of a little rain for the Low Countries and Germany. This same frontal zone also affects Poland the Baltic states, with heavier bursts for a time. Generally dry for France and the Alps. Dry for most of eastern Europe, with highs of 17C in Hungary. Breezy and cool for Scandinavia. West in western Norway, but dry for most of Sweden. Sunshine and showers for Finland.

Tuesday High pressure lies to the west of Europe, bringing fair weather to France, Spain and Portugal; warmest temperatures in the south-west, 27C. Around 21C in southern France. Heavy rain is likely to affect the far south of Italy as low pressure stays over the central Med. Some rain too for southern Greece . Dry for the Alps and central-eastern Europe, extending toward the Black Sea, highs of 15 to 17C. Windy and cool for northern Europe, and heavy rain sweeps across Denmark, southern Sweden and Baltic coastlines, including Poland. Some showery rain too for northern Germany. Showers or some persistent rain for western Norway. Rain also moves into southern Finland. Chilly across northern Scandinavia.

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