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Trek photography web site

A series of websites; TrekEarth, TrekNature & TrekLens. Community sites that aim to 'educate through photography'. Always my first stop when i'm curious about the flora and fauna of anywhere in the world. You can upload your own photos and choose whether to open them to critique or a workshop to help you improve your photos.
BBC photography website
BBC - Photography
The BBC Photography Portal. Home of the very best photographs online at the BBC. There are loads of excellent nature photos in their galleries. Also of interest are the programme follow-up pages which mostly include an archive of photos from the programme series.
View more here
Photonet website
Photo.Net / Learn

The photography learning resources which I link to here covers film and digital cameras, taking photographs, lighting, lenses, film, exposure, darkroom and more.
Kodak tips and projects centre website
Kodak Tips & Projects Centre
A number of useful tips on subjects including, animals, wild birds, and gardens. Also includes craft ideas, and educational articles about digital cameras and printing.
View the tips and projects here.
Photography monthly web site
Photography Monthly

Website of the popular print magazine. More than just a marketing tool for the magazine. You'll find a lot of useful free information, and a thriving forum.
Visit Photography Monthly
flickr online photo management and sharing website
Flickr is an online photo sharing and management website. It is probably the biggest, and best, with a huge community of photographers.
Visit flickr here.
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