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Tired of the same bland processed food that's been sweating it's way to the supermarket on a lorry?

Why not pick what nature provides for us yourself? Food in its natural state as it was intended.

Liven up your walk and discover the foods all around you that Britons have been fuelling themselves with for centuries. Many of those plants you pass every time you go for a walk can form part of a tasty and nutritious meal or snack.







Ray Mears Wild Food

Ray mears wild food dvdDVD of the remarkable TV series in which Ray Mears journeys back in time to find out what our Stone Age ancestors would have eaten. With extra footage. Ray and archaeo-botanist Professor Gordon Hillman show us how our ancestors found, prepared and cooked their food and we can learn things about the amazingly rich natural larder that still surrounds us.
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Articles & Videos


Edible plants, bushcraft videoAZ of Bushcraft- Edible wild plants
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Foraging and wild food videosHow to Eat Stinging Nettles
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A Cook on the Wild Side

An excellent 2 Disc series in which Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall meets some fascinating people and lives his fantasy of mobile self-sufficiency. The series is an education in living of the land, traditional foraging.
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A cook on the wild side

Web sites directory


Plants for a future
Plants for a future web site
Edibile, Medicinal and Useful plants for a healthier world. A database of over 7000 useful plants.
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Food for free


Food for Free book

Food for Free:
Standard or Collins GEM
by: Richard Mabey.

An excellent book. I have pocket sized Collins Gem version, and find it essential for foraging. It contains not only basic info and images but also recipes and invaluable tips such picking rules and a foraging calender.

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